Commitment to quality, environment, safety and equality.

Since its inception, our company has always had as a priority to guarantee safety within the workplace. What was initially a management for the prevention of accidents at work has been extended over the last ten years covering a much more extensive field.

CSP Group was born with the values of commitment to society. With a competitive structure, the group is strengthened by creating departments focused on equality and reconciliation in family life.

That is why we bring our small push towards a progress of society.

We work day by day with the responsibility of contributing to the progress of society.


Responsibility and professional development.

Project: Women Entrepreneurs from Equality and Conciliation

CSP Bienestar provided workshops for women entrepreneurs from the point of view of equality and reconciliation of family and work life. Subjects were discussed on the process of socialization, gender stereotypes and their language. CSP Group is proud to create and promote workshops with a clear objective: to achieve equal opportunities between men and women.

Project: A Ritmo de Burro

A Ritmo de Burro is another way of living nature, on the back of our donkeys and at their leisurely pace. Enjoy our routes that run through the mountain, at 1400 meters high, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, near El Escorial.

To Ritmo de Burro, it is much more, it is to be filled with the sound of the environment, its colors, its scents, is to load sacks of calm and relax, for when we attack the nerves and the stress.