Coordinación de Seguridad y Salud

Enough conviction and motivation to achieve success.

Since its inception, our company has always had as a priority to guarantee safety within the workplace. What was initially a management for the prevention of accidents at work has been extended over the last ten years covering a much more extensive field. The management of prevention in all its branches and the incorporation of new tools aimed at the control of material and human resources have been the characteristics of our work in recent times.

Currently CSP is a modern company with a very competitive structure in which the investment in software tools and equipment have been constant in these years, even in this last period of greater difficulties. A sound profit and loss account and expert management have made our company one of the first in the sector in terms of liquidity and solvency ratios.


Appointment of a Coordinator of Business Activities. A PRL technician will be assigned who will be responsible for the entire process. Follow-up of the process with meetings and periodic visits.


Control of the documentation of suppliers and companies. Placement and maintenance of Collective Protections and Life Lines. Elaboration of Self-protection and Emergency Plans.

CSP Platform

Elaboration of necessary instructions and protocol of action in case of emergencies. Exchange of information with other companies. Training and information to own staff.

Csp faces the next years with a mentality of service to our clients, an expert and competitive structure and a well diversified portfolio.

Our philosophy…

With the election of our company as part of the select group of companies that participate in the ICEX (Foreign Trade Initiation Plan) PIPE (Foreign Trade Initiation Plan) program and the opening of new markets in South America, new challenges arise. We are faced with the conviction that we have the means and sufficient motivation to achieve success.

We are at the service of development. Technology is our tool

This constant challenge allows us to remain at the forefront of the sector and offer the most up-to-date and efficient services on the market.